Waiting In Blue

I must have written this sometime between 1998 and 2000. At that time I mostly wrote lyrics not poems, hence the chorus.

image of a woman waiting in a cafe


I am sitting at a table

In a tiny coffee shop,

And I’m drinking up my coffee,

Asking for another cup.


People passing by the window

Quickly, in the rain that falls,

I am waiting here for you,

Staring blankly at the walls.


Three coffees and a piece of pie

I pay the waitress for.

I still don’t want to leave

And, hopeful, watch the door.


My watch is ticking slowly,

Slicing the time for me.

I hate its hasty pace

Towards eternity.


And outside evening falls,

Streetlights begin to glow…

I walk among the shadows,

Alone and feeling low.


The city’s heart is beating,

Nightlife’s a bullet fired.

Young couples pass me by –

I’m old, alone, and tired.


Chorus: Waiting

Endlessly for you…

I’ll be there, you said,

With a smile and winking blue.

But you didn’t come that day,

You never came at all.

Alone I sit and hope

You will come my way.


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