Who am I

Born in Romania, in the seaside town of Constanța, I am an Eastern-European transplant to the heart of Europe. Luxembourg is currently my home, where I live and write.

I fell in love with books and stories at an early age and throughout my childhood and teenage years I would read anywhere and anytime I could.

When I was 10 I wrote my first poem and then went on to experiment with this literary form for a while, until I decided to settle on prose. Poems still crop up from time to time, though, including as song lyrics.

photo of Veronica Badea wearing a French-style beret
photo of Veronica Badea, outdoors, reading

Photo by Christian Wilmes

photo of Veronica Badea, outdoors, windy weather

Photo by Christian Wilmes

photo of Veronica Badea with stack of favourite books

Photo by Christian Wilmes

Seagull on a white bannister, blue sea in the background
River running through a forest
Poppies and grass in front of a modern mall
Orange rhododendron flowers

My short story “A Night at the Library” has recently been published in the “Esch – Lieu des Mémoires” collection, celebrating the people and places of the Esch-sur-Alzette town in Luxembourg.

The collection was launched on the 14th of May at the Esch-sur-Alzette Library, within the “Nuit de la Culture” event of the Esch2022 – European Capital of Culture project.

Another short story, “The Golden Key” is going to be published in the first Luxembourg Anthology of Science Fiction and Fantasy.

I am currently working on

Here and Now – In the Valley of Yearning” (novel)

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