Here and Now – In the Valley of Yearning

I started writing this story more than 15 years ago, initially in a TV series format, and I’ve been adding to it over the years, changing it, developing it. I still believe it would make a great TV series (or mini-series).

signs pointing to here, there and everywhere


Her name is Rosemary Hill.

Her life is, however, not as sweet and balmy.

PS: do NOT call her ‘Rosemary’.


Just when she thought things were starting to fall into place, Rose finds out they’re actually falling apart.

Within a couple of weeks, she loses her boyfriend, her job and is reduced to sleeping in her old car, in a closed supermarket’s parking lot.

It’s like a black cloud is hovering over her.

She dreams of it too.

On top of it all, she receives a rather unsettling visit from the mother of a childhood friend, which brings back long-forgotten memories. Except she hadn’t chosen to forget them. Someone else had made that decision. Someone whom she deeply cared about, and who now may or may not come back in her life.

She’s not entirely sure what she would prefer.

Desperate to get her life back on track, Rose must first find some work, any work, anywhere it may be. Even if it’s in a strip parlour or in a large retailer’s warehouse.

No such luck, though.

As a last resort, she responds to an ad in a rather odd newspaper and embarks on a strange journey which takes her through the Field of Sorrow and the Cliffs of Despair, all the way to peaceful Hometown, nestled in the Valley of Yearning.

In this idyllic setting, she must confront her own fears, as well as a terrible foe, with the help of the locals – some of whom are not who (or what) they seem to be.

Populated with characters inspired by Romanian folk mythology (and not only), the story unfolds with light humour, while asking questions about life, relationships and *gasp* choices. It takes us (and Rose) on a journey filled with baffling situations, quirky characters and unusual decisions that absolutely need to be taken – or else.

(Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash)

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