Hi, I am Veronica Badea

Writer. Creator. Mischief-maker.

Sometimes actor, singer and songwriter.

I also make props, jams and terrible jokes.



Currently working on

Here and Now – In the Valley of Yearning” (Novel).

Veronica Badea was born and raised in Romania, in the seaside town of Constanța.

She fell in love with books and stories at an early age and wrote her first poem when she was 10. She later settled on prose, although she does write the occasional poem or lyrics. She has recently been experimenting with playwriting as well.

Veronica lives and writes in the heart of Europe, in the tiny Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

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Photos by Daria Prykolota

Latest Posts & News

Street sign saying 'Time for change'
This autumn came with a rather big change for me. I have been preparing it since May, when I first realised what I wanted to do. And now it’s official.
It seems this September I read mostly non-fiction, developmental books. There were two notable exceptions, one of which very enjoyable.
jack-o-lanterns in the dark
Tonight, the veil between our world and the world beyond is thinning, and spirits can travel back and forth. It is the perfect time to share with you this short story of mine that takes place on All Hallows’ Eve (also known as Halloween or, to those of old, Samhain).