This was written as lyrics, for a rock song composed by friends of mine, a while ago. They didn’t use it in the end, but I liked it and I thought it deserved another chance.

an image of a starry nebula, starlight


Have you seen how the world has started changing
Lives of cards and false dreams are all now crumbling
To the ground.
Careful how you behave among the shadows
In your life,
Empty ghosts with bent minds are weaving tomorrows
Full of strife.

So tell me…

How long before the grey’s too much, how long before you feel my touch
And know the time has come to choose?

I hope you will stand with me, tall and strong among the free
As we raise our heads and see
The starlight

Hollow eyes stare at us from broken windows:
No fear.
They pour out hate and spite but never dare to get
Too near…
There’s no place in their world for us, so let’s just get
Out of here!

Grey clouds gather in the sky, and completely obscure the light,
Bringing darkness to the world.

Spread your wings my friend and come, take my hand, join me now
Let us soar and fly towards
The starlight

Callous hands pull at us, they try to keep us down
In the dirt.
They’d like to walk with their boots all over our lives,
Make us hurt.
When we fly they throw stones and try to break our wings
So we’d fall…

So hear me:

Don’t give up and keep on going, see the stars above still glowing,
That’s our home, forget the past.

Go on, break now through the clouds, leave behind these spiteful crowds,
We’re to shine among the stars

They’re never, they’re never, they’re never gonna get us
We are starlight!

Veronica Badea logo/signature, black

~25 September 2014~

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