Life and musings
Where I give a short update on my NaNoWriMo progress and mention some of Dan Brown's writing advice (shocking, right? But bear with me 😉 )
five pink peonies in a vase
It's been six months since I last wrote a blog post - since I last wrote anything, for that matter. And that's because it's been a busy six months.
Street sign saying 'Time for change'
This autumn came with a rather big change for me. I have been preparing it since May, when I first realised what I wanted to do. And now it's official.
autumn orange leaves in focus against an autumnal sunny background
As deciduous trees are shedding their old leaves to prepare for a restful winter and then a renewed spring, so should we shed unhelpful or old habits, useless stuff, toxic relationships.
a field of sunflowers with the setting sun in the back
As they say, life is what happens when you are busy making plans, so my plans may not necessarily play out as I drew them. But at least they are there, like a general blueprint, a skeleton structure on which to build.
A frozen bubble, on a frozen tree branch
For the moment, it’s just ‘new year, new website’, as well as ‘new year, old writing project resumed’.