A Necessary Upheaval

Street sign saying 'Time for change'

It’s finally official.

I am moving back home.

Well, not exactly home-home, which would be Constanța, but back to Bucharest.

At least for a few years.

The long lockdown in 2020 and the aftermath in 2021 made me realise I was either in the wrong place or in the wrong circumstances.

Plus, I needed a career change as well.

Combine that with reconnecting with family and old friends and I already have a warm fuzzy feeling about it.

There are things I have been missing from back home – and there are things I definitely do not miss.

After 15 years abroad, how will it be?

Reactions from friends and family ranged from ‘You will love it here, you’ll see!’ to ‘You’ll be wanting to go away again pretty soon…’

Time will tell, I guess.

Many things have changed in 15 years. I hope the changes are good. I hope I will feel ‘at home’ again. Perhaps my wanderlust will disappear and I will finally put down roots.

It seems Luxembourgish soil did not contain the right nutrients for my roots :)) I tried, but somehow it didn’t work out.

I will miss many things about my adoptive country though – especially the many friends I made here <3 I do intend to visit, and I would be more than happy to welcome you to my homeland ^^

It does feel weird to think of a new beginning when you are going back to something so familiar.

Fingers crossed I like it ;))

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