Playing Big by Tara Mohr


Subtitle: A Practical Guide for Brilliant Women Like You.


Ah yes. That I am. LOL.

I loved this book.

It’s full of great practical advice and, for me, somewhat revelatory.

A photo of the book Playing Big by Tara Mohr


Reading it, I realised I made peace with my demons years ago. Although it wasn’t easy and it didn’t happen overnight, I did it. My demons are not the ‘inner critic’ anymore. They are some of my biggest supporters (‘some’, because I also have friends who are my biggest supporters. You know who you are <3)

To use the book’s language, they turned from inner critics into realistic thinkers.

The author also talks about the ‘inner mentor’ and offers a guided visualisation exercise to find yours, including an audio file that you can download from her website. Except that to get the audio file you have to sign up. Not cool, Tara, not cool. I’m personally sick and tired of people who want my e-mail address.

Oh wait, she included a read out in the book so we can have someone read it out to us. Hm. I guess people who live alone or whose partner is unwilling to do that can just record themselves reading it on their phone etc.

A bit complicated, but it should do the trick.

Later on, she makes great points about women’s attachment to praise and criticism, the various underlying reasons for it and how to overcome those internalised principles that hurt us.

There’s also a very poignant chapter on the education system’s role in leaving women unprepared for the real challenges of the work world.

The books contains many other interesting and eye-opening chapters, such as on women’s speech habits and the ways we undermine ourselves or postpone taking action.

Definitely worth a read!

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