The Boy Who Wouldn’t Be A Raven

extreme close-up on a raven's head

He was turning into a raven, it was his destiny. But he didn’t want to, he didn’t want to be different than the others, he was scared, and angry, and stubborn, and he was fighting the Change. Every time he woke up with new black feathers or feather buds he would furiously shake them off. But it was getting more and more frequent every day (and night) and his fits of anger became more frequent as well.

He was tortured in his soul and he was torturing me too. I loved him and I would love him as a raven still… he didn’t believe me and he was mean, testing me all the time… it hurt. I tried talking some sense into him, I said “you have the chance to be special, to get out of the crowd, it’s a gift, it’s something wonderful! why are you fighting it?”. I told him of the soaring heights, of the awesomeness of flying, but to no avail.

Not knowing what else to do I introduced him to the man who had become a bulldog. That man was happy. He had never been happier. He told my raven boy he had been scared too but had eventually given in to his change and had never regretted it since. I hoped it would help my raven boy get over his fear of the Change.

Maybe one day…

Veronica Badea logo/signature in black

~ Dreamt in April 2011 ~


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